Brief History of the Naval Club

After World War 2 many ex-service associations and clubs  were formed up throughout the country with the aim of continuing the camaraderie found during the war and to offer help was given, when possible, to ex serving naval men and women. A "Royal Naval Old Comrades Association" was formed in Hanworth sometime in the late '40s and early 50s.  


Around that time, various other branches were seeking Government and Naval recognition and were told that if a Central Association could be formed, with all the necessary legal requirements, a Royal Charter would be created. There after an Association would be recognised, and in 1951 the Royal Naval Association was duly created with Hanworth one of the early members and one of over a dozen branches in the London area alone. 

In 1951early members managed to acquire the old gate house to Hanworth Air Park situated on Uxbridge Road, our first home until 1963 now the Feltham Leisure Centre. 

         Later, when the Air Parks Leisure Centre was proposed, it was agreed with the then Feltham Urban District Council that a site in Park Road be offered for a new club house to be built.  

Building works started and with the help of a local builder as site foreman and the willing help of some of the tradesmen members the original building was erected. In a very short time, it was necessary to add an extension to the original club site.  


Approximately about this time, it was decided to become a limit company and as a result "The Hanworth Branch of the Royal Naval Association and Club Ltd" was formed.  

Membership, both serving, ex serving, and members of the local community were to become Full or Associate Club members.  

The popularity of the "Naval Club" as it was generally called went from strength to strength and at its height had over 1,400 members. (The largest Branch /Club Membership of the RNA in the world).  

It became a centre for social activities not only for its members but for the local community and took part in supporting local football teams, darts, pool, pre-school activity club, golf sections, dance classes, lady's section and the Hanworth carnival to name but a few. 



Later, due to its rise in popularity and membership numbers it was deemed necessary to increase the size and change the lay-out of the building.  The new building, standing today, was erected around the existing old building and during this time the club remained open with some members doing night watchman duties to keep the place safe. 

During these alterations any members or guests' members attending functions in the club having to wear outdoor clothing while the heating was being installed.  

The club has continued to flourish for any years but due to the number of reasons the membership began to drop, mainly due to the older blue coat membership, alas only a handful of full members are still with us. 

 The type of entertainment has been changing and the various sub-sections folding. Eventually the RNA Branch lost nearly all its members and so sadly de-commission which meant that the club could no longer be called The Royal Naval Association. 

 Today it is still a favourite of many, though the aims and ideals may have changed, it is hoped that "The Naval Club" will long continue as an important asset to and for the members and people of the local community.